About the webmaster !!

My name is Maverick, or Dizzy, and I'm the webmaster of Dizzy's Den! I wanted to make a site based off the nostalgia I have for the early internet, while messing around in HTML.
I'm a 18 year-old trans man with many hobbies, including cartoons, music, and video games. This is actually my 3rd HTML site built from scratch! The first also being a Neocities site, and the second a shrine on the now dead waifu.pl.

I love cats and all other animals! I have two pets irl, and an array of virtual pets and "cyberpets". My irl pets are a cat named Midnight and a dog named Junior. I also love Pokemon - as visible from the Scolipede themed site layout! I have many obsessions, Pokemon just being one of many.
I'm proud to be neurodivergent! I'm autistic and I have ADHD - I'm also the co-host of an OSDD system known as the Feverdream Collective.

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